Saturday, December 31, 2016

Chip and Dip

Since I have not been able to post for so long, here is one I made just before the holidays. It was from a youtube video from Junction fabrics and the quilt is called chip and dip. I started it in the fall at my sewing retreat and finished around Thanksgiving. I love it! It was a lot of piecing and ironing but I love it.

I did a simple all over quilting design since I was most likely going to give it away or donate it but I sure do love it. It makes me smile!

I also made 5 placemats for my kids for Thanksgiving. I only have the picture of the boy one. I didnt think to snap a picture before sending them home. I had a little fabric left from dresses I made the girls when they were little so there's are made from that. it was a quick fun project.
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  1. Super cute quilt! Love the overall colorful look.

  2. That is a darling quilt. I love how the white makes the other fabrics pop.

  3. Chip and Dip is so bright and fun. Congrats on a very pretty finish.