Saturday, December 31, 2016

Chip and Dip

Since I have not been able to post for so long, here is one I made just before the holidays. It was from a youtube video from Junction fabrics and the quilt is called chip and dip. I started it in the fall at my sewing retreat and finished around Thanksgiving. I love it! It was a lot of piecing and ironing but I love it.

I did a simple all over quilting design since I was most likely going to give it away or donate it but I sure do love it. It makes me smile!

I also made 5 placemats for my kids for Thanksgiving. I only have the picture of the boy one. I didnt think to snap a picture before sending them home. I had a little fabric left from dresses I made the girls when they were little so there's are made from that. it was a quick fun project.
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Wednesday, December 28, 2016


I made these stockings for my oldest daughter this year for Christmas. They were a lot of work but turned out well. The back is pieced as well but I forgot to get pictures of the backs. I am so pleased with how they turned out. Happy,Happy!!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Back At it!

My sweet daughter gave me a small computer for Christmas so I am back in the computer game! Not only did she give me the computer but she loaded all my pictures and my embroidery software on there too, and a list of many other things. How lucky am I! My first post back will be the outfits I made for her kids for Christmas. they turned out so very cute.
It was a wonderful Christmas with my wonderful family.
For the first ever I bought matching jams for all to wear on Christmas...Yes, goofy but I thought a bit of fun was a good thing. they were all good sports and yes fun it was.

Still Waiting

My life back with the computer was very short lived but tonight I have it for a short while so I better be quick. A teacher at school is getting married and asked me to make 4 purses out of her mother and grandmothers old wedding dresses. They were both in rather bad shape but I managed to get some fun things done. I made a few small extra's too.

These were the two extra's  the square bag is rather small and I thought she might put her jewelry in it. The wrist bag is from Mom's old dress and the lace is from the 60's.

My daughter got in the swing of things and we made this little baby University of Texas quilt. Very cute!