Saturday, December 31, 2016

Chip and Dip

Since I have not been able to post for so long, here is one I made just before the holidays. It was from a youtube video from Junction fabrics and the quilt is called chip and dip. I started it in the fall at my sewing retreat and finished around Thanksgiving. I love it! It was a lot of piecing and ironing but I love it.

I did a simple all over quilting design since I was most likely going to give it away or donate it but I sure do love it. It makes me smile!

I also made 5 placemats for my kids for Thanksgiving. I only have the picture of the boy one. I didnt think to snap a picture before sending them home. I had a little fabric left from dresses I made the girls when they were little so there's are made from that. it was a quick fun project.
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Wednesday, December 28, 2016


I made these stockings for my oldest daughter this year for Christmas. They were a lot of work but turned out well. The back is pieced as well but I forgot to get pictures of the backs. I am so pleased with how they turned out. Happy,Happy!!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Back At it!

My sweet daughter gave me a small computer for Christmas so I am back in the computer game! Not only did she give me the computer but she loaded all my pictures and my embroidery software on there too, and a list of many other things. How lucky am I! My first post back will be the outfits I made for her kids for Christmas. they turned out so very cute.
It was a wonderful Christmas with my wonderful family.
For the first ever I bought matching jams for all to wear on Christmas...Yes, goofy but I thought a bit of fun was a good thing. they were all good sports and yes fun it was.

Still Waiting

My life back with the computer was very short lived but tonight I have it for a short while so I better be quick. A teacher at school is getting married and asked me to make 4 purses out of her mother and grandmothers old wedding dresses. They were both in rather bad shape but I managed to get some fun things done. I made a few small extra's too.

These were the two extra's  the square bag is rather small and I thought she might put her jewelry in it. The wrist bag is from Mom's old dress and the lace is from the 60's.

My daughter got in the swing of things and we made this little baby University of Texas quilt. Very cute!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Finally Back!

My husband has had the computer at work and it has been very difficult to get access to it but I finally have access to it again. I have been doing lots of things but here is a joint venture with my oldest daughter. A friend from college was having a baby girl and we found a small 6 inch wide scrap of pink fabric from her college Texas A&M! so, we cut it into 6 inch squares, only 7, and added lots of pink around it. she also got a little music box that plays the school song and we made a pouch so it can be tied onto the crib! They LOVE their school! And, she embroidered some burp cloths with her name. it was a joint venture and overall an adorable gift!! I wish I had a full picture of the quilt. It had a white border and pink binding. so very girlie!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Bags and More

A friend of mine dropped off a bag of scraps for me, ahh, I just love scraps. It is so fun to come home with an unexpected bag of scraps on my doorstep. Well, There were some lovely pastel pieces that were a bit big and uniform in size, obviously cutoffs and I thought they might make a nice little quilt to donate. I played with them and fooled around with layout and...Voila! I only added a small piece of my own. It is much prettier in real life. Linus project has another one for the stack. The dark piece is really not as dark as it looks.

I also had a good friend going through a rough patch and headed away for a weekend so I decided to make her a set of travel bags. My girls always liked them so off I went. She likes blue and a blue piece in my stash was easy.
 Kleenex holder was fun and a nice addition.

 I just love the hot iron holder. I had the silver lining left from the last one!
 Eight pieces in total and I hope she likes it. It was great fun to make. If I had not been in such a hurry I would have taken the time to embroider her name on the big bag.
After making these I was packing my own suitcase and decided to make some for ME!!! I only have one to show right now, the rest are packed and in my suitcase. 
I also made 18 of these zippered bags for a teacher friend who is having a destination wedding and these are for her friends coming.
It has been a month full of bags!! It is off to vacation for me. Yippee!!! I think a beach chair and the Houston quilt show catalog will be my companions next week.
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Friday, July 8, 2016

Better late than never

I am so behind in my blog! I made a twin quilt with leftover squares that was just lovely and gave it away before even getting a photo! I think I will blame it on all the spring rain. It rained for so long this spring. All the way to the end of school. I know there are other things that I have missed so I will stick with the most recent.

A southwest quilt for a friend who loves southwest and I bought the scraps when we were in Arizona several years ago. Just needs to be quilted up.

I also bought some cool little Fairy fabric in Ohio a few years back and thought it would be fun to make an Irish fairy quilt for my grand daughter. Took me awhile to find the right pattern,

I also made 17 cosmetic bags with a friend and co worker who is getting married but those went home with her as well.!!
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Friday, June 3, 2016

Summer is here!!

School has been very busy this last month but I have been busy burning the midnight oil with my sewing machine. I have lots of finishes this last month but will show a few at a time. We have had so much rain that I have not had a chance for a good sunny picture. It's raining today as well on this last day of school so, I guess its an inside picture. This was made with some leftover pieces of a layer cake. Not real girly but still, nice for a little one.

The back was a bit fun too.
I also made a baby quilt for donation with some leftovers. Not the best match but overall a sweet one.

I am anxious to get into my sewing room and let the summer begin!!
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Friday, April 22, 2016

Finally finished!

It has been a long scrappy month but I am finally finished with some big projects. My good friend gave me a layer cake for Christmas and the colors and fabrics were so bright and summery. I finally found the right pattern, thanks to Jasmine, over at Quilt kisses. It is a Jenny Doan tutorial you can find here. I just love the way it turned out. It is happy and ready for the beach!
I have also been working a little at a time on a scrap improv quilt and I am finally done!!  I absolutely love this one and it is staying with me. I think of all the pretty quilts I made as I look at all the scraps put together. I wish the pictures were better.

I have also been working a long time on all these string blocks....120!! It is Done! Queen size! I made it for the guest room upstairs and there are a lot of mistakes but it will do just fine in the guest room and I am happy.

Finally, it was my grandsons 1st birthday and he had a dinosaur party. well,, I made him  a dino bib and a dino banner on his high chair, but I think he liked the cake best,

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Mini Easter finish

One of my sewing buddies was making a curling iron holder on our weekend away. I measured my daughters straightener and cut some squares to match. I quilted them up with the insul bright in between and put the silver utility fabric on the inside after that. Each of my girls get one in their Easter basket. They came out pretty cute!!

I have also been working on finishing up the top of my string quilt and the blocks of a new one.
here is a glimpse of those.

Next week I'm hoping for a bigger finish.
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Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring Break!!

This has been a busy week. My only sew day turned into a sick day with the flu! I did get a few small projects done, and fun ones too.
First, a set of travel bags for my little grandson. the fabric has fish and hooks on it. Very boy!
Second, for my princess and Tea parties, I made her a crown to wear and it fits her perfect. She is queen of the flowers AND ladybugs.

Third: My daughter is having a baby shower for a friend tomorrow so I made little pink and purple bags, we made sugar pecans and bagged them up inside these little fabric bags . It's very cute.
I also put together my string quilt, queen size but I will show that when I am done. So I did get some work done. but next week, back to school for the last semester.
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Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring break, Spring sewing

I am so excited that I can finally focus a bit more on the home front. Spring break has arrived and there is much to do. One thing to do is post on the blog which has been neglected as of late.
I am trying to get some simple quilts out to use the new machine and figure out how to use my favorite thread, The Bottom Line by Superior threads. I got this little baby quilt done for a baby shower for my daughters friend. The thread is pretty invisible.
I did a different design on the border but as you can see the quilting is hard to see.

I also made her a matching bag and a luggage tag since they live far away from friends and family.

I also made up a baby quilt with some scraps from a bag I bought at Quilt show last November and another lap size with all the remains. I just love the colors. they are happy to me.
I love the big one

I had a long weekend away with my sewing buddies and I made each of them a  luggage tag and a cord keeper. It was fun. We each made a star block to donate to the wounded warrior project and made tiny blankets for the tiny tears project.

I am so blessed, honored and lucky to have great friends who also love to sew and quilt. I am humbled by what each and every one accomplishes, inspired by the creativity that comes from the group and honored to call them friends. Thank you.
This was the first time an all our years together that all 10 got to be there. It was delightful.
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