Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ohio Donations

When I was in Ohio last November I started a quilt with some pretty ugly fabric. I just needed to sew something. Well, here it is and I am going to donate it to a nursing home and maybe a man who can not see very well will inherit it. I used all scraps, front and back.
I also made the same pattern again and used up some blue scraps. I am not a blue person so I am happy to have it made up and that will get donated as well.
There is a lovely shop in Cleveland , Ohio called Quilter's Source. They gave me all the pieces to put together this quilt as long as I bring it back to donate. I am thrilled to have a project when I visit. I finished the quilting here at home and will take it back to donate as well this summer.
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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bags and More

Just a quick post to put up the pictures of the dress I made my little sweetie and some bags I made for a friend of my middle daughter who is getting married. She is getting married in Cancun and has told my daughter-NO GIFTS.. the only thing she will accept is a little homemade something. so here it is. I made her a bunch of different size travel bags, 2 have her name on. I also made a bag for her husband and even added a cord keeper for each of them. I have a tissue cover for er too. Again, the pictures are not that good but the set came out beautiful. Lovely for a traveling bride.

 Luggage tags too!!