Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer and the Sea

Last week we were in Florida on a family vacation. We took all the kids, and the one grandchild, to Seagrove, Florida for a week on the beach. It was just lovely to all be together. A little piece of heaven for the summer. But in the meantime I have been sewing like crazy. My team teacher wanted a "beach" theme baby quilt, so here it is. I had lots of trouble finding beach fabric a few weeks back and now I have seen lots more, but oh well. I think I will quilt it with waves across the front.

I also quilted up this sweet little girls quilt. I also finished a little boy one but I gave away right away. forgot the picture!
I was also inspired by Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom quilts and I have stepped out of my comfort zone. I put together some BOY colors and will donate this when it is finished to her chosen charity, Margarets Hope Chest. It was a little scary but I will be able to finish it. I figured green and brown were camo, woods type colors. It is all scraps left in my stash. It's kind of growing on me.
And lastly some lovely pictures from the beach. I am blessed.
We rented a paddle board and all the kids got on and had lots of fun. we are all tan now.
Oh, I just love summer!
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Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Fun!

My sweet grandbaby has been over quite a bit this last week so I have not gotten as much done but still managed to get enough done to make a dent. As I mentioned earlier I am trying to finish up and QUILT up my remaining quilt tops. I managed to get 6 baby quilts sandwiched together, a 7th baby quilt top done and another quilt top finished. Overall I have 12 tops to quilt up and finish. Whew, so glad that batting came. I have one baby quilted up already and my daughter is almost done with one as well. Oh, I love summer. I have gotten some good sewing done and had some good fun with the little sweetie.

This baby quilt is such soft sweet colors. Finished this up!

Here are the 6 baby quilts so far. Got them sandwiched up, yeah!
And one done, and another almost. Finished this one from all the scraps of the sock monkey fabric. we squeezed 3 quilts out of the fabric! The yellow border is very different but I used up some more stash!
I finished this one up as well. I made one like this last year and loved it but gave it to my sister, thought i might need another. It was fun to make.
My sweet friend in D.C. sent me a care package. Her daughter is not going to be sewing anymore so she sent me her leftovers and oh what fun it was. I have already used 2 of the pieces and have big plans for the rest. Thank you Jeane!!!
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Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Beginning of the End

So my last day of school was half a day Friday and my husband asked..."So, what are you going to do today at the beginning of the End of school?" Knowing me, that was a silly question. He of course knew but wanted my jubilant answer, "SEW".  I ran out of batting a couple months ago and have been agonizing about what and where to buy it. I bought my favorite last year for a great price at a small quilt show in late July and did not want to wait that long. Joann had a sale and I had an extra discount so I Jumped in! I bought 2 ROLLS.  One was a less expensive polyester batt for all my donation baby quilts that I am planning and have started, the other is a 50/50 roll that had excellent reviews so I took the plunge. Well, they finally arrived the other day and I have been getting ready. I had plenty of projects half done. The baby quilts all needed the borders put on and so did several big ones. Overall I have 12 quilts ready to sandwich up to quilt and One more to finish putting together. A few are gifts the rest are to give away or maybe as my husband suggests...sell. I'm thinking about it. Here are a few that are finished and ready to quilt up. I have several more ready but I think I will post them when they are done with the quilting.

A second one like the first one my daughter made.
I really wish I could get better pictures but a fancy camera is not in the budget right now. They are much brighter and prettier in person! I am so excited to get a stash of quilts off my to do pile and have them DONE!  Summer can begin with cleaning out the sewing room and getting into some very fun new projects but then of course, it is always fun.
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