Friday, January 31, 2014

Multiples finishes

This has been a week of many finishes! Last Friday I sandwiched together 6 quilts and I am happy to say several are finished. This first one is inspired by Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts. I purchased her book last year and have been dying to try the slab method. I had a whole lot of scraps, leftover ends of mostly 3.5 inch strips along with plenty of other cut off ends, so I tossed them all together. It was fun to pick and choose where I wanted the pieces and how to get them to fit together. There are leftovers from over 15 quilts here and I am happy with how it turned out.
Another inspiration from Amanda Jean. She had a quilt made from squares quite awhile ago and so as I was cutting other things I began to cut 4 inch squares from leftover chunks whenever I could and once in awhile would dig through a pile of scraps and cut some. After several months I finally had enough to make a nice lap quilt. I love it! My oldest daughter does too. It will be hers this weekend and she will no longer have to nap under the baby quilt. She will have one of her own.
Dare I bring Christmas out again?? I made one similar to this for adorable grand baby right before Christmas and I found some fabric from the same line after the holiday on sale. Her sweet cousin who is a few months younger will now have one to kind of match! I love it!

Last, my Friday night project. The Christmas one is getting quilted up. Gotta love Friday
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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Icy day, Sewing day!

 Today I would like to begin with a friends finish! This last summer we shared a lovely trip tp Sedona with friends and we stopped at several quilt shops all along the way. Our husbands were very patient with us as we stopped along the way. We saw some amazing quilts and just delightful shops. My friend Vivian was inspired to finish a project she had started many years ago and after the trip, she put her machine up and finished this lovely little quilt. Way to go Vivian, I will look for some more in the future.

My team teacher at work had requested a western quilt for a friend having a baby and I had a ton of fun putting this one together. It just needs the binding this weekend and off it goes. YeeHa!
I quilted it with the loopy rope stitch and I just love the cowboys.
I also put together another transportation quilt. A teacher at school is having twin boys and this is the first one done. I have enough left to make another slightly different one with the same fabrics. That's next.
I spent my ice day off from school putting together the layers to quilt. That is the part I am not too fond of, so I figured a work day off from school could be a work day at home. I sandwiched 6 quilts together and I have 2 left to do. I have been very busy in the last few weeks and gotten a few tops done so now the quilting begins. It will be a late night.
I have also been slowly cutting some of those little Hexi pieces so I have something to hand sew on my trip. Sometimes I think I am really crazy. Looks like fun. Well it is back to the machine. FUN!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Again

I just could not let go of Christmas! I have a bag of Christmas scraps and I just wanted to do one more! There were a bunch of leftover 9 inch scraps in the bag and up they went for a quick Saturday night project. It is lap size and may sit for awhile before getting quilted up but it will be fun to pull it out next year and have another cozy quilt for family movie night over the Holiday.
I had this almost done from awhile ago and in my great attempt to finish some things , this one was there. I have one daughter who just loves purple and that is what inspired these purple scrap strips. My stack of quilt tops "to be quilted" is getting pretty long.

last, I quick sewed this diaper holder for my daughter out of some leftover scraps from her baby quilt. It will easily drop into a bag with the essentials for a diaper change. I have so many other things on the sewing table but they will not pop up until closer to the finish line. Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts. Free Motion quilting 
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Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

I think the first thing I need to do is shout out a big Thank you to Val, from Val's Quilting studio. She sent me a thank you note and a cool glass template for the Hexi's. I am headed to Austria in March for a trip with family and I think a little hand sewing for the plane might be in order. Thanks for thinking of me Val. Check out her blog!
My homemade Christmas gift for my daughter was a good fit. she seemed to like it and it looks beautiful in her room.
I must also confess to being a little (lot) crazy. On the 23rd I was over at my daughters house and she was looking for this Christmas flannel and could not find it, she wanted to make a simple flannel square to wrap the baby in at church on Christmas Eve, But, alas, I had the fabric at home. That evening I of course cut a big square and hemmed it up, Christmas wrap done. This got me thinking it would be nice for her to have an actual quilt! I pulled out the Christmas scraps and got busy, but I did not like what I was coming up with. Finally at 10:30 at night, I found something I liked and got busy. I worked until 12:30 and got up early on the 24th and quilted it up and put the binding on. By noon it was done and on the baby at mass. I just love it and so did she! It was Happy sewing.

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